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[review] Chat Patti – A Hidden Gem

Vegetable Thali

Alright Yummy followers, I have decided to start writing restaurant reviews to help local vegetarians navigate the restaurant terrain of Atlanta!

I like to say I have never come across a restaurant I couldn’t find something good to eat at, but that’s mostly because I can be satisfied with greasy side items and side salads. Here, I’m going to rate restaurants on the basics like atmosphere and taste; but I’m also going to be rating restaurants on sustainability efforts and vegetarian options! Enjoy –

First Up: Chat Patti, located at 1594 Woodcliff Dr NE – Atlanta, GA

Atmosphere +

Sustainability +

Yumminess +++++

Veggie Friendliness +++++

Chat Patti doesn’t have curb appeal.

In fact, you probably would have assumed that the shopping complex were abandoned if it weren’t for the cluster of cars parked around Chat Patti’s store front.

What does Chat Patti have? Incredible vegetarian South Indian food, served fast.

For $9.99, vegetable thali is a must. You’ll get a wide array of Indian delights from curried chickpeas to yummy dal soup!

If the thali isn’t enough for you, have no fear of ordering from the “snacks” section of the menu, everything is vegetarian!

My only taste complaint is that on my last visit, the samosa chat was a bit soggy (samosa chat=indian nachos=awesomeness).

In terms of sustainability, Chat Patti unfortunately uses disposable plastic flatware and water cups — that, coupled with Styrofoam to-go containers, gives Chat Patti 1 star for sustainability.  I get that it’s a super casual fast food environment, but it’s 2012 people — compostable flatware, dishes, and to-go containers are readily available!

All in all, I highly recommend Chat Patti! Next time you’re there though, remind them how easy it is to switch to sustainable flatware/dishes =)

p.s. Fire off on the comments or shoot me a message if you have a restaurant review request, I’ll take any excuse to try new places!

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2 thoughts on “[review] Chat Patti – A Hidden Gem

  1. Great value at this place. Just look at all that food for $10. Three words immediately come to mind: quick, cheap, Indian. Did I mention the food was great?

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