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[review] Publik Draft House – Diet Suspending Worthy Fries

Publik Draft House, located next to the Fox on Peachtree, is a must try for after work drinks or a casual dinner.

Atmosphere +++

Sustainability  ?

Yumminess +++++

Veggie Friendliness +++

To start, the Publik Domain cocktail is a must, if you know what’s good for you.

Irish whiskey + honey + ginger ale = perfection.

On to food, their falafel burger is probably one of the tastiest things I have ever tasted.

Two of my carnivorous friends that have joined me on occasion and ordered the regular burger have soon had buyers remorse against seeing the falafel burger and all it’s glory — ciabatta bun with tzatziki sauce…

For add ons, I would highly suggest:

  • Avocado
  • Feta Cheese
Then, it’s an absolute requirement to get the fries. I don’t care if you’re dieting or not– it’s required. These are the types of fries I can only imagine cute pregnant woman dream of when having their strongest fried food cravings– they are that good.
In terms of atmosphere, it has thus far been a slight let down. I keep thinking with all the wonderful food and good drinks there will be crowds of attractive business men. I’ll keep you updated on that…

One caveat: this is one of those places you wish, and sometimes convince yourself, is cheap. You want them to have half off drinks at happy hour and early bird food specials so that you can go there often- but the truth is, you won’t leave without spending $20 or $30. Not that the prices are unreasonable, but one must plan accordingly and not go everyday like my tastebuds would appreciate.

<3 Amberina

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