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[review] Dunch at The Earl

Oh, Earl. Whether dunch stands for the combination of breakfast-lunch-dinner or, my favorite interpretation, being drunk at lunch– I couldn’t be more pleased. Of course, dunch is accompanied by the smells and wrinkled looks of the night before (breakfast patrons are all conclusively hungover). Don’t worry though, the smells of Saturday night can be easily ignored once your nose hits a waft of double stack pancakes or their famous, “breakfast of champions.”

Atmosphere +++

Sustainability  ?

Yumminess ++++

Veggie Friendliness ++++


I ordered a mimosa (which arrived with my own mini Korbel bottle) and the veggie scramble (+ cheddar). The portion size of the scramble was beyond generous, plus the veggies and side of fruit made me  almost convinced that I was eating something healthy.

Veggie Scramble + Cheddar Cheese

The scene at The Earl is somewhere between old school hipster and new school cool. Cute hippie moms can be spotted drinking Bloody Marys with their girlfriends while leather jacket wearing bicycle riders can be spotted one table over, partaking in cheap PBR. One thing is for sure, you certainly don’t have to wear your sunday best.

Live music starts around 1PM which is supposed to be late enough to not reawaken your hangover (questionable, however).

Pabst Mural

So, next time you’re both hungover and ready to continue the party, head over to The Earl!

<3 Amberina

Earl on Urbanspoon

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