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[review] The Lawrence

The Lawrence

My meal at Chef Jonathan St. Hilaire’s Midtown restaurant, The Lawrence, was momentous. Accompanied by 9 friends, I set out to try scallops for the first time. Recently, I have been cautiously excited to branch into seafood. Having been a strict vegetarian my entire life, this is no easy feat. The moral quandary aside, sustainability and environmental factors have kept me at arms length from anything that once swam or squirmed in the sea. On the other hand, I have been eager to sample fares that are nutritious and protein packed without delving into land fare (never going to happen). So, let the crustacean meals begin.

I started with the Pumpkin Tortelloni which was nothing short of amazing. The roasted shallot cream sauce was a perfect accompaniment to the freshly made tortelloni and the pumpkin filling held it’s own, unlike some pumpkin dishes that fall short on flavor.

Next, my pan seared scallops were cooked to perfection. Having just begun my seafood journey, I was full from one scallop! I didn’t fall in love with the sauce that joined my plate with brussels sprouts but the well seasoned potatoes I stole from my mom’s plate added to the flavor of the scallops.

I ended the evening with the Apple Confit Cake with brown butter caramel ice cream. Knowing Chef St. Hilaire’s background, I was eager to try his desserts. This dish alone is reason to return to The Lawrence!

Speaking of reasons to return — the Lady Lawrence cocktail was undoubtedly the best crafted cocktail I have sipped since my last visit to Top Flr. I mean, they had me at lavender mint tea! Add vodka, ginger and lime, and you have a girl who will be making a lot of girls night reservations there.


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